Magic: The Gathering

This is a page all about my experience with and my decks built for Magic: The Gathering!

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My experience with Magic: The Gathering started around October 2019, I began playing the game because I was at the Gamestop near me and had previously heard that the game was fun through some mutual friends. I decided to pick up a starter kit. I remember it came with 2 decks; one mono red and the other mono white. It also came with 2 matching D20's. Once I got home I convinced my friend to play a match with me, so I could learn the rules. After several games strung between weeks I ended up giving the game a break. I was beginning to tire of the starter decks and didn't see the game expanding beyond the simple creature combat of them. This break would last until around late 2022, when I had moved into a new house and had discovered my neighbor also played. I hesitantly built a (very rough) commander deck and played a couple of games against him. During my time off of the game I still bought the dollar booster packs my LGS had next to the cash when I was in there for new D&D dice, so I had a pretty sizable collection to get back into the game. After discovering that my LGS hosted commander nights I began to come every Friday. Now I am knee-deep back in the game and constantly learning and improving.