Welcome to the about page of SilkSkull! I hope you enjoy reading my nonsense. I gained a recent obsession with the old web and everything that goes along with web revival (I think around october) and I decided I might as well explain a bit about me and why the old web attracts me so much.

First of all and pretty much the biggest reason, I love to create, I love to edit, overall I love to make something and express myself through it. This is damn near impossible on modern social media, you may have some choice in profile pictues, usernames and if you are lucky, banners.

With the old web you can make literally whatever you want and this brings me back to my point, I can create whatever I am able to code; there is no limit other than my coding skill. So, other than my love for the old web and coding, who am I? Well I am a Canadian musician and have spent my life on many different hobbies. Some of my favorite and most time heavy hobbies have been Some loser that likes horses (you know who you are), Music Production, Magic: The Gathering, Osu!, Gaming (I probably don't need to say this but just in case), all kinds of art, video essays (watching and creating), short stories, film, cars (I could go on for hours)

So yeah, welcome to my site! I hope you enjoy my insane rantings.